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H. Kopetz:
"TTA Supported Service Availability";
Keynote Lecture: International Service Availability Symposium, Berlin, Germany (invited); 2005-04-25 - 2005-04-26; in: "Service Availability - Second International Availability Symposium", M. Malek, E. Nett, N. Suri (ed.); Springer, LNCS 3694 (2005), ISBN: 3-540-29103-2; 1 - 14.

English abstract:
The Time-Triggered Architecture (TTA) is a distributed architecture for high-dependability real-time applications. In this paper the mechanisms that guarantee a high availability of TTA services are presented. The paper starts with a deliberation on the fault-hypothesis of the TTA and discusses the partitioning of a TTA system into independent fault-containment regions, their failure modes and their failure frequencies. In the second part the structure of the TTA is explained and the mechanisms that handle the specified faults are outlined. The role of the TTA-inherent sparse time base for the consistent ordering of messages and the solution of the simultaneity problem is explained. Finally, the third part speculates on the vision of a highly integrated TTA-giga-chip that acts as a self-contained TTA node and could be implemented on a single silicon die.

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