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D. Schreiner, K. Göschka:
"Explicit Connectors in Component Based Software Engineering for Distributed Embedded Systems";
Talk: SOFSEM 2007, Harrachov, Tschechien; 2007-01-20 - 2007-01-26; in: "SOFSEM 2007: Theory and Pratice of Computer Science", Springer, LNCS 4362 (2007), ISBN: 3-540-69506-0; 923 - 934.

English abstract:
The increasing complexity of todaýīs embedded systems applications imposes the requirements and constraints of distributed, heterogeneous subsystem interaction to software engineers. These requirements are well met by the component based software engineering paradigm: complex software is decomposed into coherent, interacting units of execution, the so called components. Connectors are a commonly used abstraction to model the interaction between them. We consequently contribute with the application of explicit connectors for distributed, embedded system software. Explicit connectors encapsulate the logic of distributed interaction, hence they provide well defined contracts regarding properties of inter-component communication. Our approach allows model level validation of component composition and interaction incorporating communication related constraints beyond simple interface matching. in addition, by using explicit connectors, the complexity of application components is reduced without the need for any heavy weight middleware. In fact, the set of all deployed connectors forms the smallest possible, custom tailored middleware.

connectors, explicit connectors

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