Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

B. Leiner:
"A Partitioning Operating System based on RTAI-LXRT Linux";
Supervisor: H. Kopetz, R. Obermaisser; Institut für Technische Informatik, 2006.

English abstract:
Dependable embedded systems are an indispensable technology in today’s information society. Especially since more and more safety-critical applications are depending on such embedded systems. There are various reasons to replace conventional, mechanical systems: embedded systems offer more flexibility and are often needed to make new applications possible at all. One of the main challanges of the wide spread usage of such systems is the increasing complexity which makes it very difficult to reach the necessary dependability. Furthermore, production and maintenance costs play an increasing role as soon as the deployment reaches large numbers. Integrated architectures, building execution platforms from a set of prevalidated hardware and software components, promise a solution for the stated problems. The DECOS (Dependable Embedded Components and Systems) project, funded by the European Union, aims at developing basic technologies for the introduction of such integrated architectures. One of the core technologies are partitioning operating systems which are able to execute multiple software components on a single processor while guaranteeing that these components can not influence each other. This holds for both, the temporal and the spatial domain. This thesis shows a possible implementation of such a partitioning operating system on top of a RTAI (Real Time Application Interface) realtime Linux system. An existing prototype implementation is evaluated regarding partitioning capabilities and based on the gained results a new execution environment, that closes identified holes, has been developed.

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