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W. Elmenreich, A. Schörgendorfer:
"Fusion of Continuous-Valued Sensor Measurements using Statistical Analysis";
Talk: International Symposium on Mathematical Methods in Engineering, Ankara, Turkey (invited); 2006-04-27 - 2006-04-29; in: "Proceedings of the International Symposium on Mathematical Methods in Engineering", K. Tas, D. Baleanu, J.A.T. Machado (ed.); (2006), ISBN: 975-6734-04-3; 10 pages.

English abstract:
This paper presents a method for fusing measurement samples from multiple sensors into a dependable robust estimation of a variable in the control environment. Each sensor measurement is represented by a measurement value and a confidence marker that corresponds to the respective variance of the measurement. We propose a Confidence-Weighted Averaging (CWA) algorithm to fuse the measurements with respect to their variance. For calibrated sensors with uncorrelated error functions this algorithm is optimal for producing the minimum possible variance of the result.

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