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D. Schreiner, K. Göschka:
"Modeling Componenet Based Embedded Systems Applications with Explicit Connectors in UML 2.0";
Talk: Applied Computing 2007, Seoul, Korea; 2007-03-11 - 2007-03-15; in: "Proceedings of the 2007 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing", ACM, Volume 2 (2007), ISBN: 1-59593-480-4; 1494 - 1495.

English abstract:
When building a system by connecting componenets, the connection itself, the connector, becomes a hot-spot of abstraction for any interaction. In contrary to most existing component models, we introduce explicit connectors as first class entities. They materialize detailed contracts regarding composition, deployment and interaction and hence provide fine granular informationon composed structures. Using explicit connectors results in custom-tailored ans consequently light-weight middleware, as any interaction logic is contained within them. Modeling component architectures with explicit connectors allows the use of off-the-shelf connectors libraries. Thereby, developing a distributed component based application becomes less complex and more competitive due to reduced costs and increased reliability. We contribute by adopting a model driven development process for the use of explicit connectors by extending the syntax of UML 2.0 and defining a set of required model transformations.

Related Projects:
Project Head Karl Michael Göschka:
COMPASS - Komponentenbasierte Systemsoftware im Automobilbereich

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