Scientific Reports:

B. Yildiz:
"Ontology Evolution and Versioning";
Report for Asgaard-TR-2006-3; 2006; 28 pages.

English abstract:
Ontologies, are explicit specifications of conceptualisations, and as such serve as a backbone of many Information Systems (ISs) as knowledge bearing artefacts representing mainly domain knowledge. As the use of ontologies in several kinds of ISs increased in the recent years significantly, the question of how to maintain these ontologies, gained more importance.

Although, there are no sophisticated methods available yet to support
all the aspects of change management for ontologies, it surely is an active research field. Most of the work has been done under the titles of Ontology Evolution and Versioning. Some methods emerged, which address particular aspects related to the change management of ontologies.

This report gives an overview of the state of the art of research done so far in the fields of Ontology Evolution and Versioning.

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