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J. Osrael, L. Froihofer, K. Göschka:
"Availability/Consistency Balancing Replication Model";
Talk: 21st IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium, Long Beach, CA, USA; 2007-03-26 - 2007-03-30; in: "Proceedings of the 21st DPDNS", (2007), ISBN: 1-4244-0910-1; 1 - 8.

English abstract:
Replication combined with explicit manegement of data integrity constraints can be used to enhance availability of object-oriented, data-centric distributed systems when node ans link failures occur. Our approach enhances availability by temporarily relaxing non-critical data integrity constraints during degraded situations. This requires new kind of optimistic replication protocols that support the configuration of this trade-off. The contribution of this paper is a replication model called Availability/Consistency Balncing Replication Model that allows replicas to diverge in degraded situations if data integrity can be temporarily relaxed and re-establishes both replica consistency and data integrity during repair time. The Primary-per-Partiition -Protocol and Adaptive Voting are two concrete protocols following our model. The feasibility of our approach has been shown by several prototype implementations.

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