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M. Umlauft, P. Reichl:
"Experiences with the ns-2 Network Simulator - Explicitly Setting Seeds Considered Harmful";
Vortrag: Wireless Telecommunications Symposium WTS 2007, Pomona, Californien, USA; 26.04.2007 - 28.04.2007; in: "Wireless Telecommunications Symposium WTS 2007 - The Future of Wireless Communications", IEEE Digital Library, (2007), Paper-Nr. 1569023983, 5 S.

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The ns-2 network simulator is one of the most widely
used packet network simulators. In version 2.1b9 its
old random number generator was replaced by an
implementation of MRG32k3a to fix sensitivity to
seeds. Due to bad documentation and re-use of old
scripts many people still use the old API functions to
explicitly set seeds. Unfortunately, this corrupts the
correct function of the new generator and can lead to
correlated simulation results. This might affect the
majority of ns-2 simulation results currently published.
We show why this is the case, illustrate possible effects,
and how to avoid the problem.

ns-2 Network Simulator, Simulation, RNG, random numbers

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