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M. Wimmer, H. Kargl, M. Seidl, T. Reiter, M. Strommer:
"Integration of Ontologies with CAR Mappings";
Talk: First International Workshop on Semantic Technology Adoption in Business -- STAB'07, Wien; 2007-05-31 - 2007-06-01; in: "The First International Workshop on Semantic Technology Adoption in Business", dapir academic press, (2007), ISBN: 978-82-519-2233-3; 27 - 38.

English abstract:
CAR is a declarative language which can be used to map
between different schemas in general and which allows the integration of
ontologies in special. CAR provides mapping operators whose expressiv-
ity exceeds the possibilities of simple equivalence mappings by far. Due
to the declarative nature of this approach, CAR which we implemented
in a graphical mapping framework, offers a very user-friendly way to
overcome schematic heterogenities.
Furthermore, the mappings can be executed on Colored Petri Nets, and
therefore they can be easily simulated and debugged in a framework for
representing schemas and mapping models as Transformation Nets which
can be applied to transform concrete instances of schemas expressed as

heterogeneity, information integration

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ModelCVS: Eine semantische Infrastruktur für modellbasierte Toolintegration

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