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M. Rester, M. Pohl, S. Wiltner, K. Hinum, S. Miksch, C. Popow, S. Ohmann:
"Evaluating an InfoVis Technique Using Insight Reports";
Vortrag: Information Visualization, 11th International Conference Information Visualization, IV2007, Zürich, Switzerland; 02.07.2007 - 06.07.2007; in: "Information Visualiation, Proc. 11th International Conference Information Visualisation (IV 2007)", IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, CA, USA (2007), ISBN: 0-7695-2900-3; S. 693 - 700.

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The evaluation of Information Visualization (InfoVis) techniques can help to identify specific strengths and weaknesses of these methods. The following article describes the results of an empirical study assessing the contribution of an interactive InfoVis method based on a spring metaphor (GRAVI), Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Machine Learning (ML) to ease understanding. The application domain is the psychotherapeutic treatment of anorectic young women. The three methods are supposed to support the therapists in finding the variables which influence success or failure of the therapy. To conduct the evaluation we developed a report system which helped subjects to formulate and document in a self-directed manner the insights they gained when using the three methods. The results indicate that the three methods are complementary and should be used in conjunction.

Exploratory Information Visualization, Evaluation, Insight Reports

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IN2VIS Interaktive Informationsvisual

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Interaktive Informationsvisualisierung (Zusammenarbeit mit Institut 188)

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