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M. Murzek, G. Kramler:
"BUSINESS PROCESS MODEL TRANSFORMATION ISSUES The top 7 adversaries encountered at defining model transformations";
Vortrag: Ninth International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Funchal, Madeira; 12.06.2007 - 16.06.2007; in: "Proceedings of the ninth international conference on enterprise information systems", ISAS, Portugal (2007), ISBN: 978-972-8865-90-0; S. 144 - 151.

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Not least due to the widespread use of meta modeling concepts, model transformation techniques have reached
a certain level of maturity (Czarnecki and Helsen, 2006). Nevertheless, defining transformations in some
application areas in our case business process modeling is still a challenge because current transformation
languages provide general solutions but do not support issues specific to a distinct area. We aim at providing
generic solutions for model transformation problems distinct to the area of horizontal business process model
transformations. As a first step in this endeavor, this work reports on the most pressing problems encountered
at defining business process model transformations.

Model Transformation, Business Process Modeling Languages

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