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V. Stefanov, B. List:
"A UML Profile for Modeling Data Warehouse Usage";
Talk: 3rd International Workshop on Foundations and Practices of UML (FP-UML 2007), Auckland, Neuseeland; 2007-11-05; in: "Advances in Conceptual Modeling - Foundations and Applications ER 2007 Workshops CMLSA, FP-UML, ONISW, QoIS, RIGiM, SeCoGIS Auckland, New Zealand, November 5-9, 2007 Proceedings", J. Hainaut, E. Rundensteiner, M. Kirchberg, M. Bertolotto, M. Brochhausen, Y. Chen, S. Si-Said Cherfi, M. Doerr, H. Han, S. Hartmann, J. Parsons, G. Poels, C. Rolland, J. Trujillo, E. Yu, E. Zimányi (ed.); Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS 4802 (2007), ISSN: 0302-9743; 137 - 147.

English abstract:
Data Warehouse (DWH) systems represent a single source of information for analyzing the status, the development and the results of an organization.
Today's DWH systems provide many different services to different kinds of users. People involved in designing and managing DWH systems need to see the big picture of how the DWH is being used, to have an overview of the current situation, and to be able to visualize future scenarios.
Currently, there is a lack of such general models in Data Warehousing.
We introduce the UML Profile for Modeling DWH Usage for modeling the different kinds of DWH usage on a conceptual level. It uses features of UML intended for the purpose of creating abstract, general models. The profile distinguishes four perspectives of usage, and allows to model details of the users. The UML Profile is applied to examples illustrating some of the application scenarios.

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