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M. Pohl, M. Rester, K. Stöckelmayr, J. Jerlich, P. Judmaier, F. Reichl, E. Obermüller:
"Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and Vocational Training - Adapting the Technology the Technology to the Learners' Needs";
Universal Access in the Information Society, 7 (2008), 4; 259 - 272.

English abstract:
The aim of the ECODESIGN project was the development of a course in sustainable product design. The target group are employees in the areas of product design, marketing or similar areas. Some learners from this target group have a low computer literacy and are, therefore, reluctant to use advanced forms of electronic communication. Collaborative learning has to be designed according to the learners' needs taking into account that many participants of the ECODESIGN course have to get used to electronic communication. Despite this problem, a community of practice seems to result from the ECODESIGN course. Active tutoring was especially important to motivate learners and to constitute the community of practice.

Blended Learning, Vocational Training, Learning Communities, Community Of Practice, Active Learner Support, Collaborative Learning, Trans-Disciplinarity

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