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"Some Thoughts on Wireless Network Modelling";
Poster: IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics - INDIN 2007, Wien; 23.07.2007 - 27.07.2007.

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Traditionally, wireless networks are modelled using a reachability or connectivity graph which does not model the carrier sense or interference range. As shown in literature, for CSMA/CA protocols, carrier sensing has a significant influence on the interaction of links (interference between links on layer 2). When nodes sense the medium as busy they can not send themselves (known as exposed node problem) which leads to throughput degradation when two or more links interfere with each other in this way. We therefore propose an extension of the existing graph and exemplify the influence of correctly modelling the carrier sense range in the graph. In addition, due to its graphical appearance and because of its historical use in wired networks the graph encourages to think of the edges as "tunnels" between nodes. This does not reflect reality of wireless networks at all. We offer some out-of-the box re-thinking clarifying the relation between the graph and wireless reality by observing network behavior over time. Finally, we offer some thoughts on how to use and construct this extended graph.

Wireless Network Modelling, Reachability Graph, Connectivitiy Graph, Interference

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