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B. Huber, R. Obermaisser:
"Model-Based Development of Integrated Computer Systems: Modeling the Execution Platform";
Talk: 5th Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems - (WISES'07), Madrid, Spanien; 2007-06-21 - 2007-06-22; in: "Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems", IEEE, (2007), ISBN: 978-84-89315-47-1; 151 - 164.

English abstract:
The DECOS architecture provides a framework for integrating multiple application systems within a single distributed computer system. Since the DECOS architecture aims at applications in the automotive, avionic, and industrial control domain, including applications up to the highest criticality level, the design and development process of DECOS-based integrated computer systems is of utmost importance. Within the DECOS project a model-based development process is devised which aims at enabling a reduced time-to-market in spite of increasing the system´s functionality, the reuse of application software on different instantiations of the DECOS platform, and performing validation activities earlier in the development phase of integrated computer systems. In this paper we outline the overall model-based development process of integrated computer systems based on the DECOS architecture with a strong focus on the modeling of the DECOS execution platform. Additionally, we present a novel graphical model editor based on GME for capturing the execution platform in the model-based development process.

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