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R. Baumgartner, O. Frölich, G. Gottlob:
"The Lixto Systems Applications in Business Intelligence and Semantic Web";
Keynote Lecture: 4th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2007), Innsbruck, Österreich; 2007-06-03 - 2007-06-07; in: "Lecture Notes in Computer Science", Springer-Verlag, 4519 (2007), ISBN: 978-3-540-72666-1; 16 - 26.

English abstract:
This paper shows how technologies for Web data extraction, syndication and integration allow for new applications and services in the Business Intelligence and the Semantic Web domain. First, we demonstrate how knowledge about market developments and competitor activities on the market can be extracted dynamically and automatically from semi-structured information sources on the Web. Then, we show how the data can be integrated in Business Intelligence Systems and how data can be classified, re-assigned and transformed with the aid of Semantic Web ontological domain knowledge. Existing Semantic Web and Business Intelligence applications and scenarios using our technology illustrate the whole process.

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