Publications in Scientific Journals:

W. Elmenreich:
"A Review on System Architectures for Sensor Fusion Applications";
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4761 (2007), 547 - 559.

English abstract:
In the literature there exist many proposed architectures for
sensor fusion applications. This paper briefly reviews some of the most
common approaches, i. e., the JDL fusion architecture, theWaterfall model,
the Boyd loop, the LAAS architecture, the Omnibus model, Mr. Fusion,
the DFuse framework, and the Time-Triggered Sensor Fusion Model, and
categorizes them into abstract, generic, and rigid architectures. While an
abstract model does not guide the designer in the concrete implementation,
the generic architectures provide a generic design but leave open
several design decisions regarding operating system, hardware, communication
system, or database system. Rigid architectures already specify
at least some of these aspects and therefore provide existing hardware
designs, tools, and source code at the cost of flexibility.

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