Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Schlager, R. Obermaisser, W. Elmenreich:
"A Framework for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of an Integrated Architecture";
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4761 (2007), 159 - 170.

English abstract:
In this paper we present a distributed Hardware-in-the-Loop
(HiL) simulation approach that supports the verification and validation
activities in an integrated architecture as recently developed in
DECOS (Dependable Embedded COmponents and Systems), an integrated
project within the Sixth Framework Programme of the European
Commission. Focusing on the interconnection between the simulated environment
and the Integrated System Under Test (ISUT), our approach
involves the concept of a Smart Virtual Transducer (SVT) that replaces
the physical transducers of the ISUT without a probe effect on the ISUT.
Our approach enables a complexity reduction for setting up an HiL simulation
and supports a well-designed scalable interface to an integrated
architecture. Furthermore, we support non-intrusive, deterministic interaction
between the environment simulation system and the ISUT in
order to guarantee reproducible test-runs. We show an exemplary application
of the proposed concept by tailoring the generic components of the
proposed simulation approach to an automotive park assistant system.

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