Publications in Scientific Journals:

W. Steiner:
"Advancements in Dependable Time-Triggered Communication";
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4761 (2007), 57 - 66.

English abstract:
When developing strategies for future research directions it
may be a wise decision to reflect on the development in the respective
area during the last few years. As to future applications of embedded
systems, we consider a concise solution for interconnecting embedded
systems to be one of their core requirements. In particular, we focus on
the development of dependable communication.
Our paper recapitulates progress in research and development of dependable
time-triggered communication protocols as done by the Institute for
Computer Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology and by
TTTech Computertechnik AG over the last five years. We provide an
overview of the current situation and discuss the ongoing research and
development directions.

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