Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

G. Jacucci, I. Wagner:
"Performative Roles of Materiality for Collective Creativity";
Talk: Creativity & Cognition 2007, Washington, DC, USA; 2007-06-13 - 2007-06-15; in: "Creativity & Cognition 2007 Seeding Creativity: tools, Media, and Environments", (2007), 73 - 82.

English abstract:
This paper seeks to develop a better understanding of the contribution of materiality for creativity in collaborative settings, exploring the ways in which it provides resources for persuasive, narrative and experiential interactions. Based on extensive field studies of architectural design workplaces and on examples from art works, we show: how the variety of material features expands communicative resources and provide border resources for action, in their peripheral, evocative, and referential function; how spatiality supports the public availability of artefacts as well as people´s direct, bodily engagement with materiality; and finally how materiality is part of performative action, looking at temporal frames of relevance and emergence in specific events. We conclude with implications for the development of novel interface technologies.

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