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P. Ehn, T. Binder, M. Eriksen, G. Jacucci, K. Kuutti, P. Linde, G. De Michelis, S. Niedenthal, B. Petterson, A. Rumpfhuber, I. Wagner:
"Opening the digital box Opening the digital box for design work - supporting performative interactions, using inspirational materials and configuring of place";
in: "The Disappearing Computer: Interaction Design, System Infrastructures and Applications for Smart Environments", issued by: Streitz, Norbert, Kameas, Achilles and Mavrommati, Irene; Springer LNCS 4500, Heidelberg, 2007, 50 - 76.

English abstract:
In this chapter it is suggested that concepts like embodiment and the performative elements of space, mixed objects, configuring and place making together form interesting challenges for the design of inspirational learning environments. This is based on our experiences from the Atelier project, experiences that are related to the general field of ubiquitous and tangible computing. We have studied design education practice, developed prototypes to enhance such education, introduced prototypes to different real use settings (design and architecture master classes), and reflected upon the interventions to learn both about how to improve architecture and technology and the learning situation. This was built upon a user-collaborative approach involving students and researchers as reflective co-designers and evolved from early exploring of practice and visions through field trials with gradually more integrated scenarios and prototypes. Experiences helped us develop a deeper understanding of what the interplay between architectural elements, artifacts, integrated digital technologies, and performing bodies adds to design work.

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