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A. Ademaj, H. Kopetz:
"Time-Triggered Ethernet and IEEE 1588 Clock Synchronization";
Talk: 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Precision Clock Synchronization for Measurement, Control and Communication, Vienna; 2007-10-01 - 2007-10-03; in: "ISPCS 2007 Proceedings", (2007), ISBN: 1-4244-1064-9; Paper ID 07 (Session 2/2), 3 pages.

English abstract:
The Time-Triggered Ethernet unifies real-time and
non-real-time traffic into a single communication
architecture. We have built a prototype implementation
of an FPGA TT-Ethernet switch and an FPGA TT
Ethernet communication controller supporting a network
bandwidth of 100Mbit/sec. Time-Triggered Ethernet
introduces two message classes, i) the standard eventtriggered
Ethernet messages, denoted as ET messages,
and ii) the time-triggered Ethernet messages, denoted as
TT messages. All TT messages are transmitted
periodically and are scheduled a priori in a way that
there are no conflicts on the network. The network
handles these messages according to the cut-through
paradigm. Computer nodes containing TT Ethernet
communication controllers establish and maintain
global time base. However nodes containing standard
Ethernet controllers can be connected to a TT Ethernet
system and can send ET messages without affecting the
temporal properties of the TT messages. The global time
format of the TT Ethernet deploys the UTC time format
which is compatible with the time format of the IEEE
1588 standard. In these work we present how we deploy
the IEEE 1588 in order to synchronize the TT Ethernet
controllers which require a tight synchronization among
them. Additionally the IEEE 1588 clock synchronization
based protocol will be implemented at standard Ethernet
controllers such that they can be establish and maintain
a global time base.

Ethernet, real-time communication,global time, clock synchronization

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