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S. Strodl, C. Becker, R. Neumayer, A. Rauber, E. Bettelli, M. Kaiser, H. Hofman, H. Neuroth, S. Strathmann, F. Debole, G. Amato:
"Evaluating Preservation Strategies for Electronic Theses and Dissertation";
Vortrag: DELOS Conference 2007, Pisa, Italy; 13.02.2007 - 14.02.2007; in: "DELOS Conference 2007", ALI s.a.s, Pisa (2007), ISBN: 2912335302; S. 297 - 305.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Digital preservation has turned into a pressing challenge for
institutions having the obligation to preserve digital objects
over years. A range of tools exist today to support the variety of
preservation strategies such as migration or emulation.
Heterogeneous content, complex preservation requirements and
goals, and untested tools make the selection of a preservation
strategy very difficult. The Austrian National Library will have
to preserve electronic theses and dissertations provided as PDF
files and are thus investigating potential preservation solutions.
The DELOS Digital Preservation Testbed is used to evaluate various
alternatives with respect to specific requirements. It provides an
approach to make informed and accountable decisions on which
solution to implement in order to preserve digital objects for a
given purpose. We analyse the performance of various preservation
strategies with respect to the specified requirements for the
preservation of master theses and present the results.

Preservation Planning, Migration, Emulation, Case Study

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PLANETS: Permanenter Langzeit-Zugriff auf Digitale Objekte durch vernetzte Dienste (Permanent Long-Term Access through Networked Services)

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