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H. Eidenberger, S. Boll, S. Christodoulakis, D. Divotkey, K. Leopold, A. Martin, A. Perego, A. Scherp, C. Tsinaraki:
"Towards Integrated Authoring, Annotation, Retrieval, Adaptation, Personalization and Delivery of Multimedia Content";
Talk: DELOS Conference 2007, Tirrenia; 2007-02-13 - 2007-02-14; in: "Proceedings of DELOS Conference 2007", (2007).

English abstract:
We describe the CoCoMA task of the DELOS II European Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries. CoCoMA aims at the unification of the most important aspects of multimedia management and multimedia presentation, i.e., the integration of authoring, annotation and presentation design with on- demand content adaptation, ad hoc media retrieval (semantics-based and content-based), and personalized delivery and visualization of presentations. The paramount goal of the CoCoMA activity is to maximize the added value from task and data integration by the identification and exploitations of connection points and inherent workflow similarities. The paper provides a brief description of the involved research fields, suggests a architecture for integrated multimedia consumption and presentation, and discusses the most prominent connection points (e.g., the reuse of content-based metadata for content adaptation and personalization). Problems and solutions are discussed jointly and illustrated by the components of the application prototype developed for the DELOS project.

Content Adaptation, Content-based Retrieval, Digital Libraries, MPEG-7, Mobile Computing, Multimedia Authoring, Multimedia Personalization, Semantics-based Retrieval

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