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B. Korherr, B. List:
"A UML 2 Profile for Variability Models and their Dependency to Business Processes";
Vortrag: DEXA 2007, Regensburg, Deutschland; 03.09.2007 - 07.09.2007; in: "Database and Expert Systems Applications", A. Tjoa (Hrg.); Computer Society IEEE, (2007), ISSN: 1529-4188; S. 829 - 835.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Variability Models are designed for modelling variabilities
of a software. Unfortunately they are not part of a wellknown
modelling framework for a higher usability, like the
Unified Modelling Language. To address this limitation, we
provide a UML 2 profile for variability models. Furthermore
we show the dependency from the UML profile to activity
diagrams to make the relationship between variability
models and process models visible. This profile and its mapping
are tested with example business processes.

uml profile metamodel

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