Habilitation Theses:

M. Wimmer:
"Real-Time Rendering";
Technische Universität Wien/ Fakultät für Informatik, 2007.

English abstract:
Real-time rendering is concerned with the display of computer-generated images at rates which let a human observer believe that she is looking at a smooth animation. This thesis deals with several contributions to the field of real-time rendering that improve either the performance of rendering algorithms or the quality of the displayed images.

Light-Space Perspective Shadow Maps improve the quality of real-time rendering by providing better looking shadow rendering, one of the most popular research topics in real-time rendering. Conversely, Coherent Hierarchical Culling and Guided Visibility Sampling improve the performance of real-time rendering through visibility culling. One is designed for runtime computation and the other for preprocessing. Finally, real-time rendering is extended from traditional polygon rendering to a new type of dataset that has recently gained importance, namely point clouds, especially huge datasets that cannot be loaded into main memory.

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