A. Ekelhart, S. Fenz, G. Goluch, M. Steinkellner, E. Weippl:
"XML Security - A Comparative Literature Review";
Journal of Systems and Software (eingeladen), 81 (2008), 10; S. 1715 - 1724.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Since the turn of the millenium, Working Groups of the W3C have been concentrating on the development of XML based security stan- dards, which are paraphrased as XML Security. XML Security consists of three recommendations: XML (Digital) Signature, XML Encryp- tion and XML Key Management Speci cation (XKMS), all of them published by the W3C. By means of a review of the available literature the authors draw several conclusions about the status quo of XML Security. Further- more the current state and focuses of research as well as the existing challenges are derived. Trends to di erent application areas - e.g. use of XML Security for Mobile Computing - are also outlined. Based on this information the analyzed results are discussed and a future outlook is predicted.

XML Security, XML Encryption, XML Signature, XML Key Management, Web Services, Privacy

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Security Ontologies

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