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F. Puntigam:
"Black & White, Never Grey: On Interfaces, Synchronization, Pragmatics, and Responsibilities";
Talk: Twelfth International Workshop on Component-Oriented Programming, Berlin, Germany; 2007-07-31; in: "WCOP 2007 - Components beyond Reuse", (2007), 5 pages.

English abstract:
When composing systems from components we have
to deal with involved aspects like synchronization or non-
functional properties like performance. It is nearly impossible
to clearly specify such aspects in interfaces. Looking behind
the interfaces (into grey boxes) does not solve the problem
because of lost substitutability. In this paper we explain on the
example of synchronization, first, how pragmatic descriptions
solve the problem in usual cases and, second, that moving and
splitting responsibility for synchronization between components is
helpful in further cases. We argue that there is a general pattern
applicable to many functional and non-functional aspects behind
this solution.

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