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F. Schernhammer, B. Gramlich:
"Termination of Lazy Rewriting Revisited";
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS), 204 (2008), 35 - 51.

English abstract:
Lazy rewriting is a proper restriction of term rewriting that dynamically restricts the reduction of certain arguments of functions
in order to obtain termination. In contrast to context-sensitive rewriting, reductions at such argument positions are not completely forbidden but delayed.
Based on the observation that the only existing (non-trivial) approach to prove termination of such lazy rewrite systems is flawed, we develop a modified approach for transforming lazy rewrite systems into context-sensitive ones that is sound and complete with respect to termination. First experimental results with this transformation based technique are encouraging.

Lazy rewriting, termination, context-sensitivity.

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