A. Birbaumer, A. Lebano, A. Ponzellini, M. Tolar, I. Wagner:
"From the Margins to a Field of Opportunities: Life Story Patterns of Women in ICT";
Women's Studies International Forum, 30 (2007), 6; S. 486 - 498.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This article deals with the experiences of women working in IT professions in seven European countries. It describes what we
identified as life story patterns in the material of 107 biographical interviews. One reason to look for patterns is the diversity of our
informants' professional trajectories. The trajectories themselves are not `telling´ unless seen in the context of the women's life
stories - opportunities, choices, and life themes. The life story patterns shed light on how the women perceive themselves and
their working environment, considering national/cultural differences. Here we focus on one of the patterns we identified - from
the margins to a field of opportunities. These are women who have seized the chance to move out from their milieu - a rural
background (Austria) or an area with limited job opportunities (the South of Italy) into jobs that offer good pay, a high level of job
security, and the opportunity for learning.

gender, information technology, work experience, comparative studies

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