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J. Meseth, G. Müller, M. Sattler, R. Sarlette, A. Artusi, A Wilkie, G. Zotti, R. Klein, W. Purgathofer:
"High Quality Rendering of Reflectance Data";
Talk: Computer Graphics International, Kreta, Griechenland; 2004-06-16 - 2004-06-19.

English abstract:
The tutorial will introduce the basic terminology, show techniques for acquisition of reflectance properties of both synthetic and real-world materials, present common representations for reflectance properties and will elaborate on rendering techniques both for real-time and offline applications. While the tutorial gives an overview over existing techniques for most aspects, selected topics will be described in much more detail. In addition to describing acquisition, storage and rendering of reflectance properties, related areas will be covered. In fact, texturing and parameterization, texture- and BTF synthesis and tone mapping represent techniques which are inevitable to achieve really photorealistic results and are therefore required by every system that aims at using reflectance properties. Here, as well, an overview over the research areas will be given, existing techniques will de described and selected topics will be elaborated on in more detail.

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