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C. Pitter, M. Schoeberl:
"Towards a Java multiprocessor";
Talk: Workshop on Java Technologies for Real-time and Embedded Systems (JTRES), Vienna, Austria; 2007-09-26 - 2007-09-28; in: "Proceedings of the 5th international workshop on Java technologies for real-time and embedded systems", ACM, (2007), 978-59593-813-8; 144 - 151.

English abstract:
This paper describes the first steps towards a Java multiprocessor system on a single chip for embedded systems. The chip multiprocessing (CMP) system consists of a homogeneous set of processing elements and a shared memory. Each processor core is based on the Java Optimized Processor (JOP). A major challenge in CMP is the shared memory access of multiple CPUs. The proposed memory arbiter resolves possible emerging conflicts of parallel accesses to the shared memory using a fixed priority scheme. Furthermore, the paper describes the boot-up of the CMP. We verify the proposed CMP architecture by the implementation of the prototype called JopCMP. JopCMP consists of multiple JOPs and a shared memory. Finally yet importantly, the first implementation of the CMP composed of two/three JOPs in an FPGA enables us to present a comparison of the performance between a single-core JOP and the CMP version by running real applications.

Java, multiprocessor, shared memory

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