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R. Kirner, M. Schoeberl:
"Modeling the function cache for worst-case execution time analysis";
Talk: 44th Design Automation Conference (DAC'07), San Diego, California/USA; 2007-06-04 - 2007-06-08; in: "Proceedings of the 44th annual conference on Design automation", ACM, (2007), ISBN: 978-1-59593-627-1; 471 - 476.

English abstract:
Static worst-case execution time (WCET) analysis is done by modeling the hardware behavior. In this paper we describe a WCET analysis technique to analyze systems with function caches, a special kind of instruction cache that caches whole functions only. This cache was designed with the aim to be more predictable for the worst-case than existing instruction caches. Within this paper we developed a cache analysis technique for the function cache. One of the new concepts of this analysis technique is the local persistence analysis, which allows to precisely model the function cache.

WCET, cache analysis, function cache, worst-case execution time

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