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K. Ambrosch, M. Humenberger, W. Kubinger, A. Steininger:
"Hardware Implementation of an SAD based stereo vision algorithm";
Talk: Third IEEE Workshop on Embedded Computer Vision, Minneapolis; 2007-06-23; in: "Proceedings of Third IEEE Workshop on Embedded Computer Vision", (2007).

English abstract:
This paper presents the hardware implementation of a stereo vision core algorithm, that runs in real-time and is targeted at automotive applications. The algorithm is based on the Sum of Absolute Differences (SAD) and computes the disparity map using 320 240 input images with a maximum disparity of 100 pixels. The hardware operates at a frequency of 65 MHz and achieves a frame rate of 425 fps by calculating the data highly parallel and pipelined. Thus an implemented and basically optimized software solution, running on an Intel Pentium 4 with 3 GHz clock frequency is 166 times outperformed.

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