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K. Steinhammer, A. Ademaj:
"Hardware Implementation of the Time-Triggered Ethernet Controller";
Talk: International Embedded Systems Symposiom (IESS'07), Irvine, Orange County, in Southern California (USA); 2007-05-30 - 2007-06-01; in: "Embedded System Design: Topics, Techniques and Trends", Springer, Volume 231/2007 (2007), ISBN: 978-0-387-72257-3; 325 - 338.

English abstract:
Time-triggered (TT) Ethernet is a novel communication system that integrates
real-time and non-real-time traffic into a single communication architecture. A
TT Ethernet system consists od a set of nodes interconnected by a specific switch
called TT Ethernet switch. A node consist of a TT Ethernet communication con-
troller that executes the TT Ethernet protocol and a host computer that executes
the user application. The protocol distinguishes between event-triggered (ET)
and time-triggered (TT) Ethernet traffic. Time-triggered traffic is scheduled and
transmitted with a predictable transmission delay, whereas event-triggered traffic
is transmitted on a best-effort basis. The event-triggered traffic in TT Ethernet is
handled in conformance with the existing Ethernet standards of the IEEE.
This paper presents the design of the TT Ethernet communication controller op-
timized to be implemented in hardware. The paper describes a prototypical im-
plementation using a custom built hardware platform and presents the results of
evaluation experiments.

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