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M. Tomitsch, T. Grechenig:
"Design Implications for a Ubiquitous Ambient Sound Display for the Deaf";
Talk: Conference & Workshop on Assistive Technologies for People with Vision & Hearing Impairments: Assistive Technology for All Ages, CVHI 2007, Granada, Spain; 08-28-2007 - 08-31-2007; in: "Proceedings of the Conference and Workshop on Assistive Technology for People with Vision and Hearing Impairments", M. Hersh (ed.); (2007), 6 pages.

English abstract:
Previous work already investigated the value of ambient sound visualizations for deaf and hearing-impaired people. Our work builds upon these results and specifically explores the applicability
of the ceiling for such visualizations. Thus, we gathered design requirements based on a participatory design process including expert interviews, an online questionnaire as well as a design workshop at a
local organization for deaf people. Results from the workshop showed that people highly approved the idea to use the ceiling for ambient visualizations. However, they also expressed a strong need for a
supplementary traditional display to get more detailed information about occurring sounds. The implications that we derived in the present study build the basis for a prototype that we currently
develop at our research group.

Peripheral displays, ambient sounds, deaf, hearing impaired

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