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D. Wahyudin, A. Schatten, S. Biffl, D. Winkler:
"Aspects of Software Quality Assurance in Open Source Software Projects: Two Case Studies from Apache Projects";
Talk: Euromicro International Conference, Lübeck Germany; 2007-08-27 - 2007-08-31; in: "33 rd Euromicro SEAA 2007", IEEE, 07/germany (2007), ISSN: 1089-6503; 229 - 236.

English abstract:
Open source software (OSS) solutions provide missioncritical
services to industry and government organizations.
However, empirical studies on OSS development practices
raise concerns on risky practices such as unclear requirement
elicitation, ad hoc development process, little attention
to quality assurance (QA) and documentation, and
poor project management. Event then the ability to produce
high quality products in such an environment may
seem surprising and thus warrants an investigation on effective
QA mechanism in OSS projects. This paper provides
a preliminary exploration to improve our understanding
of software quality practices in different types of OSS
projects. We propose a framework of QA in an OSS project,
elicit OSS stakeholder value propositions for QA, and derive
performance indicators. For an initial empirical evaluation
we applied these indicators to 5 releases of 2 large
Apache projects (Tomcat and MyFaces) to analyze the extent
to which QA aspects are commonly performed during
development process.

Open Source Software and Software Quality,

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