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D. Wahyudin, M. Heindl, S. Biffl, A. Schatten, Ronald Berger:
"In-Time Project Status Notification for All Team Members in Global Software Development as Part of Their work environments";
Talk: International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE), Workshop on Measurement-based Cockpits for Distributed Software and Systems Engineering Pro-jects (SOFTPIT), Munich; 2007-08-10 - 2007-08-13; in: "Proceeding of SOFPIT Workshop 2007", SOFPIT/ICGSE, Munich (2007), 20 - 25.

English abstract:
In global software development (GSD) projects, all team members (e.g., project manager, quality assur-ance, technical leader, and developer) can benefit from being aware on the project status regarding their area of responsibility. While there is considerable at-tention on providing project overview data and tool support to the project manager, there is only weak support for the other roles, resulting in higher project risk in a GSD project due to less opportunity for in-formal communication. In this paper we suggest the needs and propose a concept to allow keeping all rele-vant roles informed using in-time notification on sig-nificant project events. Team members can subscribe to specific notification services provided by project infrastructure. In a typical usage scenario these notifi-cation services promise to provide information for more effective and efficient change impact analysis in concurrently evolving software development artifacts.

Data-driven management of distrib-uted development projects, Software Project Monitor-ing, Strategies for distributed controlling, Role-based in-time project status notification.

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