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M. Heindl, F Reinisch, S. Biffl:
"Requirements Management Infrastructures in Global Software Development - Towards Application Lifecycle Management with Role-based In-time Notification";
Talk: International Conference of Global Software Engineering (ICGSE), Munich; 2007-08-27 - 2007-08-30; in: "International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE), Workshop on Tool-Supported Requirements Management in Distributed Projects (REMIDI)", REMIDI, ICGSE, Munich (2007), # - #.

English abstract:
Global software development can be characterized by
globally distributed project teams (e.g., project management,
development and test teams). Each of these
teams has requirement-related tasks (e.g., developers
implement requirements, testers test requirements) and
workflows that need tightly integrated tool support
(requirements management, IDEs, test management).
In this paper we describe from the perspective of a
large GSD software development company: (a) major
requirements management needs in GSD, (b) current
approaches for requirements management in GSD and
their insufficiencies;(c) an initial approach to improve
these insufficiencies; and (d) further research steps to
better address the needs based on a common data exchange
format between development/management
tools and a role-oriented notification system.

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