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D. Wahyudin, M. Heindl, B. Eckhard, A. Schatten, S. Biffl:
"In-time role-specific notification as formal means to balance agile practices in global software development settings";
Talk: IFIP CEE Software Engineering Techniques Conference, Poznan Poland; 2007-10-10 - 2007-10-14; in: "Proceeding of CEE-SET 2007", Springer Lecture Note on Computer Sciences, Poznan (2007), ISBN: 978-3-540-85278-0; 197 - 211.

English abstract:
In global software development (GSD) projects, distributed teams
collaborate to deliver high-quality software. Project managers need to control
these development projects, which increasingly adopt agile practices. However,
in a distributed project a major challenge is to keep all team members aware of
recent changes of requirements and project status without providing too little or
too much information for each role. In this paper we introduce a framework to
define notification for development team members that allows a) measurement
of notification effectiveness, efficiency, and cost; b) formalizing key communication
in an agile environment; and c) providing method and tool support to implement
communication support. We illustrate an example scenario from an industry
background to explain the concept and report results from an initial empirical
evaluation. Main results are that the concept allows determining and increasing
the effectiveness and efficiency of key communication in a global
software development project in a sufficiently formal way without compromising
the use of agile practices.

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