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A. Tjoa, M. Nguyen et al.:
"An approach towards an event-fed solution for slowly changing dimensions in data warehouses with a detailed case study";
Data & Knowledge Engineering, 63 (2007), 1; 26 - 43.

English abstract:
From the point of view of a data warehouse system, collecting and receiving information from source system is crucial for all subsequent business intelligence applications. Incoming information can generally be classified into two types (1) the state-oriented data and (2) event-oriented data or transactional data, which contains information about the change performed by processes on the instances of information objects. On the way towards achieving the goal of a full-fledged active data warehouse it becomes more and more important to proviede data with minimal latency. In this paper we focus messages containing the change of information on the dimension instances. The proposed approach is able to validate the even-manages, reconstruct the complete history of the dimension and proviede a well applicalbe "comprehensive slowly changing dimension" (cSCD) interface for queries on the historical and current state of the dimension. A description of the prototype implementation for this kind of an "active integration" in a data warehouse and a case study at T-Mobile conclude the paper.

Active Data Warehousing, Slowly Changing Dimension, Event-based data integration, Data refesh

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