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A. Tjoa, M. Nguyen, J. Schiefer:
"ZELESSA: an enabler for real-time sensing, analysing and acting on continuaous event streams";
International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining (IJBIDM), 2 (2007), 1; 105 - 141.

English abstract:
Our research project aims to build an infrastructure that can efficiently and seamlessly meet the demanding requirements of business event stream-based analytical applications. We focus on the complex event analysis on event streams, QoS-aware event processing services, and a novel event stream processing model that seamlessly and efficiently combines event processing services. That model is built upon the Sense & Respond loops that support a complete Business Intelligence process to sense, interpret, predict, automate and respond to business processes and aim to decrease the time it takes to make the business decisions. We have developed ZELESSA, an event stream management system as a proof of concept.

zero-latency data warehouse; data warehousing; data mining; event-based business intelligence; business intelligence; BI; service oriented architecture; SOA; event streams; continuous stream analysis; mobile phone fraud detection; closed loop

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