Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Hoffmann-Ostenhof:
"A counterexample to the bipartizing matching conjecture";
Discrete Mathematics, 307 (2007), 22; 2723 - 2733.

English abstract:
The bipartizing matching conjecture (BMC) is a rather new approach to the nowhere zero 5-flow conjecture (NZ5FC) and the cycle double cover conjecture (CDCC). We show that the BMC is wrong in its actual version by constructing a counterexample. The construction arises from the investigation of the problem to cover the vertices of a graph by two induced eulerian subgraphs. Finally we state a modified version of the BMC which has the same impact on the NZ5FC and CDCC.

snark, bipartizing matching, nowhere zero 5-flow, cycle double cover

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