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P. Kotzé, P. Purgathofer:
"Developing Exercises for Teaching Computing and Information Technology: A Theoretical Framework";
Talk: CSITEd 2007 - Computer Science and IT Education Conference, Mauritius; 2007-11-16 - 2007-11-18; in: "CSITEd 2007 - Computer Science and IT Education Conference", (2007), 14 pages.

English abstract:
Computing and information technology are very much design disciplines, although not always recognized as such. To succeed as a designer in this context requires experience in design skills, which implies appropriate practice. In the context of teaching computing and information tech- nology this implies providing students with appropriate design exercises. This paper discusses a theoretical framework for the development of such exercises, based on the argument that students must experience design to enable them to learn effectively. The framework scopes exercises on a continuum ranging from creativity to real-world use based on two philosophies: elaboration and reduction.

Design exercises, design process, elaboration, reduction, creativity, real-world use.

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