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J. Krösche, S. Drab, A. Jakl, C. Grün:
"Pushing location based games further: How to gain end user suitability";
Hauptvortrag: European Academy of Digital Media, Graz; 23.11.2007 - 24.11.2007; in: "Multimedia and E-Content Trends", Springer, B (2007), ISBN: 978-3-8348-9313-0; S. 59 - 72.

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In recent years, mobile gaming has been believed to be the
next hype after the great success of the short messaging service
in Europe. Especially location based games (LBGs)
were said to be the next breakthrough for mobile gaming,
as those games exploit the location of the players during the
game flow. Although those kinds of mobile games are able
to o er a new and exciting experience, not many LBGs have
yet entered the market. According to this fact, the authors
believe that revenues created from this type of mobile applications
only make up a minor part of the whole mobile
games market, which is assumed to hit 7 billion EUR or 10
billion USD in 2009. The reason for the small market
share of LBGs is that several additional aspects that have
to be considered, adding to the large amount of restrictions
already present for conventional mobile games. This makes
it even more challenging to successfully market LBGs.

Mobile Games, Location Based Games

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