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F. Glock:
"An Interpretative Approach to Design Research";
Talk: Alpine Information Systems Seminar (ALP_IS), Carisolo, Trento (invited); 2006-02-11 - 2006-02-14; in: "AlP-IS Ski Seminar '06 - Program and Discussion Papers", itAIS (ed.); (2006), 153 - 164.

English abstract:
In the paper a descriptive approach to design research is adopted. Design processes are conceived as social processes of interpretation. A reconstructive approach is suggested to describe design processes in terms of interaction. The concept of context and frame is employed for reconstructive analysis of design processes. Investigations of deictic expressions in design conversation are used to refine the analysis of contexts. The suggested approach attempts to reconstruct how interpretation is achieved by designers in a particular design process in practice. Design work in this view appears as interpretation and generation of design goals in sequences of context bound and context generating design moves.
The transcripts of the beginning of a recorded design session is investigated in some detail to demonstrate the suggested approach.

design research, design studies

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