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J. Kubalik, R. Mordinyi:
"Optimizing Events Traffic in Event-based Systems by means of Evolutionary Algorithms";
Talk: Second International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2007), Wien; 2007-04-10 - 2007-04-13; in: "Workshop on Modeling, Designing, and Testing Correct, Secure, and Dependable Event-Based System (EBITS 2007)", IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, CA, USA (2007), ISBN: 0-7695-2775-2; 1101 - 1107.

English abstract:
This paper presents a new approach for solving network flow optimization problems. In particular, the goal is to optimize the traffic in the network structured event-driven systems as well as to provide means for efficient adaptation of the system to changes in the environment - i.e., when some nodes and/or links fail. Many network flow optimization problems belong to the class of NP hard problems, which can only be solved by using some heuristic approach. In this paper we describe an application of a recently introduced iterative optimization algorithm with evolved improvement steps. This algorithm is well suited for solving hard discrete combinatorial problems as well as rescheduling-like problems; thus it fits the addressed adaptability issue very well

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