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M. Murth, D de Francisco, JM Elicegui, D Martin, D Wutke:
"Using Triple Spaces to Implement a Marketplace Pattern";
Talk: ESTC 2007 - 1st European Semantic Technology Conference, Wien; 2007-05-31 - 2007-06-01; in: "SBC 2007 Workshop - Proceedings", (2007), 15 - 21.

English abstract:
Marketplaces are a commonly applied model when matching
orders from many sellers to many buyers. It applies to global business
models where sellers want to sell their goods by using different channels
to a large number of potentially interested buyers, like e.g. in the stock
exchange market. In this article we reformulate this model as a pattern
and present it alongside an implementation architecture based on Triple
Spaces to take advantage of the benefits this technology provides, especially
in collaborative scenarios.

Marketplace, Pattern, Triple Space, Agent, Architecture, Space-based Computing

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