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J Riemer, M. Murth, E. Kühn:
"A Distributed Triple Space Implementation";
Talk: ESTC 2007 - 1st European Semantic Technology Conference, Wien; 2007-05-31 - 2007-06-01; in: "SBC 2007 Workshop - Proceedings", (2007), 1 - 7.

English abstract:
Triple Spaces are a coordination infrastructure for Semantic Web
Services and combine the interaction model of the Space Based Computing
paradigm with the data model RDF of the Semantic Web field. In this paper we
present a distributed, replicating implementation of Triple Spaces based on the
commercial middleware Coordinated Shared Object Spaces (Corso) and outline
various enabled architecture variants including ad-hoc peer-to-peer, basic and
advanced client/server architectures.

Triple Space Computing, Space Based Computing, Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services, RDF.

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