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D de Francisco, N Pérez, D. Foxvog, A Harth, D Martin, D Wutke, M. Murth:
"Towards a Digital Content Services Design Based on Triple Space";
Talk: BIS 2007, Poznan; 2007-04-25 - 2007-04-27; in: "Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS)", (2007), 163 - 179.

English abstract:
Digital Asset Management is an emerging business for telecommunication
companies, especially when applied to the entertainment
market. Current implementations try to overcome the integration needs
from each actor participating in the business processes by using Enterprise
Application Integration. Triple Space is a space-based communication
infrastructure which provides semantic mediation between actors
involved in a dialogue.
This paper presents a Digital Asset Management use case in which
Triple Space will be applied to fulfill the inherent needs of this business
domain through the use of this new semantic communication paradigm.

Triple Space, Digital Asset Management, Enterprise Application Integration, Space-based Computing.

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